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ISO14001 Certification number E425.


FSC® Certification number SA-COC-001419.


ISMS (Information Security Management System) Certification for information assets.

Corporate philosophy

1. We continue to create new value

Firstly, from our hope to be of use to the world, we seek to provide the world with unprecedented new products and services. This goal is based on our passionate desire to provide our customers with new added value and to create new surprise and thrills. One example is how we were the first to release Digipak into the Japanese music market, thus creating a new trend in CD packages. In the field of music/video packages, we have developed numerous license products and unique products of our company, all of which have received high praise.

2. We continue to challenge our own possibilities

Next, we believe that both our corporation and individual employees must constantly take on big challenges in order to grow continually. It is important to improve skills by not placing limits on one's own ability and by challenging new possibilities. As a corporation, we support efforts by employees to reach a higher dimension and we provide an opportunity for employees to discover a new version of themselves. For this purpose, we constantly work to revise and enhance our education system.

3. We fulfill our corporate social responsibility

The third point is our recognition for the social responsibility of our corporation and individual employees, and our commitment to fulfilling this responsibility. In terms of corporate ethics, we comply with all laws and regulations, and we require that our employees behave rational and comply with all guidelines as company employees. In terms of information management, our main business is processing information received from our customers. We promise trustworthy, safe and secure management. Regarding environmental protection, we have acquired ISO1400 certification and are working to reduce raw materials through green procurement of materials and efficient production. We focus on forest conservation and encourage our customers to use paper made from pulp from managed forests.

Every day, we constantly strive to exist as a corporation which is needed by society and as a corporation which contributes to an ideal society. We look forward to your continued support of Japan Sleeve.

Japan Sleeve Corporation
President Kensuke Kanai